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One day there was a dream, then the opportunity, then the desire to continue... Heartmade is a story of love, dedication, effort and delivery. Hours of planning, attempts, mistakes, struggles and, above all, hard work.

We know what we want, where we want to go and where we want to be.

This blog comes about because each of the stories we've had the pleasure of being a part of is too beautiful to keep. Because every people and couples that we had the pleasure of meeting left their mark on us.

The stories that you will find here relate the events that were organized by us, describe each of the places and show who were the suppliers that were by our side.

In our main menu, visit the events section where you can take a look at our narratives.


Heartmade is a private company that offers services about organization of social events on Madeira Island. We intend to satisfy all the needs and desires of those who come to us, listening and caring each of your desires... We believe that all events are unique and special and therefore all parties deserve our dedication and the certainty that at the end of everything will one day have to be created in your image.

Our ambition is, above all, to provide a "perfect" day in the lives of our customers, creating memories that the heart will not forget.

If it's a dream, it can come true and we're here to make your dreams come true on your wedding day.


We like dreams... and we also work to make our dreams come true. We want to continue designing happy days and belonging to so many different love stories. We believe in training, study and innovation. We believe that one day we will have our space and that our "Dream farm" will be born and be the scene of many happy days and countless love stories.


Determination: Persistence in achieving what was asked of us. We believe and concentrate our efforts in search of what we intend to achieve.

Creativity: True creativity manifests itself when we lose the fear of making mistakes and understand that everything is created in error attempt. If the objective is to make everything perfect in the eyes of the customers, we are not afraid of making mistakes.

Social and environmental responsibility: We have an active role in the field of social and environmental responsibility in the sense of contributing to a fairer society and a cleaner environment, including a true commitment to society and the environment, stimulating sustainable development.

Respect: Consideration for others, whether people or entities and presenting attitudes that represent esteem, being able to cultivate healthy relationships with them, showing recognition of self-worth and the rights of society.

Commitment: Commitment to others that requires responsibility from our team in fulfilling the tasks that were designed for us.

Passion: Feel enthusiasm for what is done, how it is done and for the people involved, encouraging creativity to overcome obstacles.

Integrity: Present a commitment to honesty and transparency, always opting for the right and most appropriate choice for each occasion.

Quality: Satisfaction of needs providing a high standard of quality in all tasks and stages performed by us.

Personalization: Process of adapting the service to each client according to their needs and providing exclusive and individualized experiences.

Delicacy: Show prudence in the tasks performed. Our demanding and careful posture allows us to offer services worthy of excellence.