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Catarina & Gonçalo

17 of june, 2023

With so much light in the hearts, we don't even need  to look at the sky. Your love lights your way.

Catarina and Gonçalo are two pieces of a puzzle that is built after saying "yes"... This puzzle is made up of several pieces: trust, honesty, respect, communication, loyalty, commitment, independence, friendship, passion,... without forgetting love. For this puzzle to be complete, all the pieces must stay togelher. This is how love is, all the pieces came together and now everyone celebrates this incandescent love.

17 of june, 2023 ♥ the date your love was marked

The day arrived and they get a little nervous. That nervous feeling of seeing each other at the cerimony, of saying "yes, i accept", of exchanging rings,...

Catarina and Gonçalo stayed in different rooms. These moments are the moments that the bride and groom take advantadge of to be with their loved ones, before their meeting. They both take the opportunity to talk about their expectations for the day, to get ready and to enjoy the moments with their loved ones, with those who are close and who they chose to accompany them on this day.

The colors chosen were colorful country tones, among a variety of flowers, combining different shapes and colors, but when they are all connected, they become harmonious.

The ceremony location was the same as the party location. The venue for this wedding was at Quinta do Furão. A place chosen by many couples, located in municipality of Santana, it is a much sought-after farm for having a magnificent view and an incredible space to receive people.

Their rings were very well kept and given to them at the ceremony by 2 beings who are very important, and who marked this moment: their puppies.

Many emotions were felt at this wedding and this is reflected in these incredible photographs that were captured and edited by Rodolfo - The Memory shop.

And they lived happily ever after.

If it's true that in life everyone gets what they deserve, you deserve all the happiness in the world!

A charming setting, which came to life trough the most vibrant colors, which made this space so special... Among the pinks, yellows, oranges, reds, greens, golds, among the straw baskets and used wood, the many candles used on the tables...

The decoration that pedominated this party was rustic decoration. The centerpieces, rustic vases, and candles complemented each other perfectly. The table runners, the colors used, the decoration elements, the candles... These are details that enhance the decor at a wedding.

Among the many flowers used in decoration stands out daisies, gerberas, antirrhinums, roses and dahlias.

A wedding full of fun, people, emotion and love. That was another day to celebrate love, the love of Catarina and Gonçalo.

And why not surprise your partner with a dance? Catarina impressed Gonçalo with a dance rehearsed by her and the bridesmaid. A beautiful way to surprise your partner, but also your guests...

Every moment was used to create memories. A dance with the two mens of her life, her fiancé and her father. These moments were also captured by videographer Vitor Costa - VCOSTAAfilms.

At cake time, the bride and groom were entitled to a fireworks display in celebration of their love and a new stage in their lives.

They found in each other a life partner, a safe place, with whom they can be vulnerable and always feel good.